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About Us


BIOVISIONING captures the essence of your healthcare product, bringing to life the unseen and complex mechanisms in an unforgettable experience of color, motion, and science.


We begin the process by learning the science behind your product. Working closely with your experts and our scientific consultants, we identify the essential elements to be communicated. We then turn that comprehension into an accurate, vivid narrative.


  • Specializing in mechanism of action (MOA) visualizations

  • Complex subjects depicted with clarity and elegance

  • Creative and original branding tailored to your product


We are ready to produce your animations or illustrations, along with original sound score, titles, and packaging suitable for immediate distribution.


I look forward to working with you on your next project!
Jeremy Weichsel /  Director


"Biovisioning got it all right for our project: Technical understanding, top-notch animation quality and great customer service. They’re at the top of our list for medical animation."


 -Bill Haley, President, Interactive, Allied Pixel



“I’ve worked with Jeremy on several projects and each time he continued to amaze me on how much he brought to the party. Not only is he a great designer and animator but he understood the content, really understood what needed to be said. Because of that he offered up several different ways to communicate what was very complex content to animate.


 -Brian Leonard, Creative Lead, Groove11




"Jeremy is a pleasure to work with as a medical animator and illustrator. He is organized, a team player, and goes beyond what is required. I value him as an important member of my creative team. His passion for the science and his gift for the art is reflected in the final product. Our clients are always delighted with his work."


 -Diane Heditsian, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, deClarity bioCommunications



"I have trusted Jeremy for over 10 years to work directly with my clients. His experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology makes my job easier. When the client describes something that is very technical, Jeremy not only understands it and can converse intelligently, but then produces a final product that is exactly what the client imagined. Jeremy helps me to offer only the best to my clients, in quality, price and efficiency, which makes BIOVISIONING one of the best partners I have ever worked with!"


 -Susan A. Sherman, Principal, SVC International 

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